Tuesday, August 23, 2005

know your atomisation

People make their own cities; this much is clear to me after a month's go at something resembling a new life. One of the very useful words we learnt from early Marxist studies is 'atomisation': not, as Google Glossary claims, solely "the reduction of a liquid to a very fine spray." Apparently it has more to do with relationships in an industrial society breaking down to the point where all social interaction is restricted to professional and commercial ties.

G. BUDDHA: Helloes! Been there, done that, got the potted plant.
K. MARX: But I speak to the hearts of the youth! I am a thinker! A German! A king among comrades!
STALIN: This is why we put him on meds in Russia. Mwahahahahaha.

Anyway. I am atomised.

current musix: janis joplin - piece of my heart


  1. Can I be a neutrino in your vicinity?

    Hello and suchlike things.

  2. Might i suggest installing a tag board or shout box on your blog to leave messages, feelers etc. Excuse us losers who don't have sexpots of a desktop or still run Windows 98 where Googloo Talk cannot be downlaoded.