Monday, July 18, 2005

"what's it called?" "the massacre at paris." "whoo. good title."

So I read HP and the Half-Blood Prince. eta: and a detailed review courtesy Aishwarya and I is to be found here.

Got it nice and bright on July 16th and read it straight through, bar an interruption involving nuns and Swiss chocolate.

I enjoyed it. All my favourite characters got a leg up, yaye. JKR is also better than Dan Brown yaye. *wishes lots more Scottish castles and the like on her*

Some observations based on the new book that will not be spoilerish. Don't read if you're leery and DUN WANT TO KNOW EVEN ONE WORD OMG. (Get a life.)

- Jo is an Al Green fan. I;m getting a little tired of all her soul talk.
- Jo is not a fan of factual consistency.
- Jo's romances are best left to subtext. Except of course the abiding and obvious love everyone seems to have for the Giant Squid, wands, and their fathers.
- That said, I am firmly convinced that the great love story of the books is that of Snape and Dumbledore.
- Best. Opening. Chapter. Ever
- Best Alternate Title For The Opening Chapter (Ever): The Blair Witch Project.
- Hot Male Slytherins are a countercultural phenomenon that must be encouraged afap.
- TolkienLite does not a Tolkien make. (Although Tolkien might have done well to consider TolkienLite. Speaking of which, JKR never finished LotR, apparently. Dude, wtf.)
- - Dementor babiez!!!!!!

That is all.

item: I'm moving to Hyderabad this Sunday. *puts paper bag over head*


  1. Dan brown is a HACK!

    It was a bit melodramatic this time with the soul and the beast rising in the stomach glayvin!

    The harry ginny romance just felt like she finally went and read all that slash fiction on the internet and said what the hell lets include a chapter for the fans who're dying to see love stories played out.

    What was with the Peter Parker scene at the end with the funeral. Who am I? I'm Harry Potter. And then the camera closes in on his face and the scar leaps out on the screen like a giant cgi graphic and credits roll in magical bursts etc.

    Dumbledore died like a Jedi. His funeral was like a Jedi. (Qui Gon's theme from episode one would def. play out in that scene)

    I was thinking the same thing about the Prime Minister but then I realized the book is set in the early 90s so this isn't about Blair. Or is it?

    A green glow from the middle of the lake? Come on JK you can do better than that.

    Dementorz are n00b hax0rz.

  2. Oh, I adored this book to bits in spite of all the romance. The character development was a little WTF!???1, since only last book 'round they were being soft-headed little idiots, but they've all grown up in four weeks! (And Hermione got lovelorn and teary, which was not I was hoping for). I think what the Harry Potter slash people will be REALLY happy about will be the development of Draco such as it is. The SW vein running through the book was just o.O, even for me who has no investment in LucasCorp. But then, let us not accuse Jo of being unformulaic!

    Re: Blair, you're right, of course, but it's SO much more fun to imagine Tony waiting for "that wretched man" Dubya's call from across the seas, than John Major waiting on Bill Clinton.

  3. And Dan Brown is the suxx0rrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! *glee*

  4. I loved the Dementor babies!!

    And "The Blair Witch Project" title is genius! I totally saw him as Blair too.

  5. B! Omg, you're here!

    *hands you a pet dementor baby of your own, guaranteed not so much to suck hope and happiness out of you as - make you mildly irritated?*

  6. The whole Harry-Ginny thing sucks! It's so forced that it's actually painful to read.

    I like the centaurs...I want a pet centaur (/*flees from hooves of Bane and friends chasing me a la Umbridge).

    Have you read this?

  7. Anonymous9:38 am

    bloody funny stuff! have only gotten as far as Harry Porter and the
    Order of Pheonix (which he will rile against)
    will get down to no.6 soon...