Saturday, July 02, 2005

we already have problems with populations explosion.

Aishwarya's blog links to an Indian equivalent of that great bastion of Americanism, Save The Males, which, in spite of its lukewarm pun on a great clarion call of our times for corpulent women and Japanese seafood alike, is merely a collection of deadly serious and self-righteous asshattery along the lines of "Women have destroyed the foundations of society!" and "Feminism destroyed my right to keep food warm for my husband!"

Aishwarya is currently fielding heated comments from people who simply don't know of any place anymore (except maybe a few villages in Bihar, apparently) where women aren't treated exactly the same as men, et cetera.

I'm not linking to the Save Indian Family OMGplzkthx! site, but interested readers may Google for it or hop over to A's blog. In short, it is a warning against the western disease of feminism. In allied protest, it has also chosen to eschew reasonable conformity to grammar, although, as Emily pointed out with characteristic sagacity, English too is symptomatic of the Western disease. My question is, why use the Internets as a medium, though? Everyone knows it's filled with 'atheistic hedonistic' women who write pr0n and have orgies on full moon nights!

So many years, you have tied Rakhi on your brother on Raksha Bandhan day and he vowed to protect you.

"Sorry, he's being wanky again. Time to tighten that rakhi."

Today, your brothers in desparation need your help, help for their very survival.

*cracks the whip* "I said CRAWL!"

So, before you tie Rakhi on his hand next time, tell him "Proudly I Say No to Feminism."

"But only because that website told me statistics show a higher suicide rate and lower life expectancy among men than women. So I'll wait till you kick it, steal your money from your 'old mothers, aunts and grandmothers,' and go back to being a superbitch."

Both want gender war. This has already started in urban india.

Emily: Why did you not take me to see the gender war, Supriya? I travel 3,000 miles, the most I expect is to see strapping female warriors in khaki saris barricading the road from the oncoming Mumbai boi's tank division.
Supriya: You westerners are so degenerate, omg.

we already have problems with populations explosion.

I know! And then we have to deal with schmucks like you! Sucks to be a girl, dunnit.


  1. Anonymous3:59 pm

    My favourite section is about the rise of canibalism in Europe (apparently as a bi-product of increasing divorce rates.)

    Next time you go for a vacation to a picturesque place in Europe, Beware !! The people sitting next to you in the local trains can very well have cannibalistic fanstasies and may even have those instincts.

    Damn they're on to me. That night I stayed over Supriya's house? She was lucky to escape unroasted.

    It's put a whole new slant on the idea of Indian takeaway.


  2. *cackles and bows to the greatness that is Supriya. And Emily. :D*

  3. hey i read ur article and have not figured out what u r trying to say.
    so if u would like to enlighten me, then pls do... Thanks :)

  4. @ rahul: basically i'm being a bitch about some nice men who are very worried about where their next power high is going to come from now that women seem to be *gasp* becoming human. is there anything in particular you'd like to me re-indicate? :)

    (unless you're talking about an actual article of mine, which this isn't - are you?)

  5. I'm deleting Sumanth's comment to hell, since this is my blog and I will choose which advertisements to keep on here. Sorry, Sumanth. Take the hitting on innocent feminazis elsewhere.

  6. Roswitha,

    We do not like "India-Bashing" in Europe and US. We do not like them to show only one-sided pictures of India. But, we will not request. We will show 2-sides of west in India.

    We will stop using internet the day people in west stop using the number "0". We will see how any computer will run without 0. Because, the entire Indo-arabic number system was invented in India.

    English is an Indo-European language. People in west can remove "Indo" out of it and we are sure we will not use it.

    BTW, you may not be knowing that one third of Internet backbone (submarine cables) are owned by Indian Companies.

    Just the way you specialise in English, we specialise in Java, assembly, embedded, AI. Radical Feminists have done a grave mistake by taking on Techies and NRIs.

    The only way for them to gracefully accept their excesses. But these overconfident feminazis will not understand. We know how to crack the codes to enter into the Matrix of feminism. Christina Sommers and warren pharrel did a job and we promise we will do much more.

    If we just distribute pamplets to 20,000 people about "Section 498a" of Indian Penal Code, that would be enough to have a massive social backlash.

  7. ... okay! Good luck to you, then! P.S. Might I suggest taking along a dose of healthy logic to help your case? I know it's underrated, but it usually helps.

  8. Hmm..Dunno who this anti feminist is...but well i see its very indian to commit female infanticide...and very indian to sell off one's daughters...very indian to ask a raped girl to marry her rapist(even if he happens to be her father in law)...but standing up for one's rights is not indian,huh?

  9. Oh gods, Pratty, don't try and apply earth logic to the argument, I beg you! Your head will explode!

    *hugs you anxiously*

  10. great post. i like!

  11. Thank you, Uma. I aim to amuse. :)

  12. We will see how any computer will run without 0. Because, the entire Indo-arabic number system was invented in India.

    Where do you read your history, in Amar Chitra Katha?

    A. Computers run much better without 0, by the way. Of course, it would be fruitless to expect a simpleton like you to dig trinary logic or quantum algebra. So shut up.

    B. How can the entire system be invented in India and yet be "indo-arabic"? Stop spreading euphoristic nonsense you don't know anything about. Not everything was invented in India. I've read more Indian history than your last seven generations of school drop-out papas and mamas.

    Just the way you specialise in English, we specialise in Java, assembly, embedded, AI.

    C. No wonder you can't spell, and I don't need to wank.

  13. Let me first explain how I landed here. As you probably know, the Domestic Violence [Prevention of] Act 2005 comes into effect throughout India today. So, as I watched another Save Indian Family representative get torn apart in a television debate, I happened to notice that they have what can only be described as an advertisement on Wikipedia. So, after marking the article as having a non-neutral perspective, I was searching for citable online sources that could verify my perspective. And the search string "criticism Save Indian Family" throws this post of yours up.

    But, now that I came here, I had a good laugh. Thanks. :D

  14. You are a hero! Thanks for stopping by. Keep Wikipedia beautiful, yaw. :)