Thursday, July 07, 2005

sad eyes, crooked crosses/ in god's country

A fly-by post to say that I will be gone to Kerala in another half-hour or so; returning on the 14th. I will naturally be 'netless and, if the Kerala Elec Board has a stroppy fit on, there is no guarantee my neurons will be functional at all after six in the evening.

... I'm not sure if that last sentence conveys the fact of Kerala's horrible electric supply, or it just sounds like KSEB are a bunch of sadists who like torturing innocent (?) expats(?) with shoxxxx.

Taking Foucault's Pendulum, My Name Is Red, The Master and Reading Lolita in Tehran with me.


current musix - the joshua tree.


  1. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Just to let you know I seem to have survived the chaos in London. There's not much news at the moment, lots of paniced reports of bombs in Kings Cross, Edgware Road and Tavistock Square as well as a blow up at Liverpool Street. The oficial line is a power cable blew at Liverpool Street Station, but nobody is believing that at the moment.

    Where all cuddled in the office, drinking sweet tea and being very British.


  2. *shaky sigh* Thank you for calling, darling. Speak soon. Many cuddles.