Thursday, July 28, 2005

the horror, the horror

What sort of time is this to be away from Bombay? Clearly a good one. Close to a 100 cm of rain in a day, and a big fire to boot. Who says we aren't beloved of the gods? (They're taking us to their bosoms a bit prematurely, aren't they.)

What sort of time is this to be away from Bombay?

Phone lines are down.
There's been no power in places where my friends live.
No transport.
No news from friends.

I'd almost rather be back there.


  1. yup. looks pretty bad. people were sleeping overnight at my mum's office because they couldn't go home. Hope you're doing ok da. how is the job?

  2. Job is fun so far!

    (But I see lots of moisturiser in my future. SO not used to living in air-conditioning. How's work going with you?)

  3. Anuj got home after two days. he was in chin deep water at his boss's place. he had a really torrid time but he's at his aunt's place now. work is going ok. mail sometime and give me a number where i can call you! much love

  4. Anonymous8:01 pm

    I hope your friends are all OK.


  5. Anonymous9:57 pm

    God, I hope you hear from people soon. I'm thinking of you.


  6. Okay, some of my texts deliver to you and some don't but look after yourself and keep in touch. The news from Bombay sounds awful and I'm thinking of your family.

  7. Oyes, is me. Whiner.

    I tried calling today, but no answer. Changed phone yet?

    Am thinking of you, and missing. RL complications of the worst kind. *mope around*

    All okay back in Mumbai, na?

  8. Aha finally got hold of a comp and tada you've updated yer blog which means yer alive, good. Had sent in a couple of msgs dunno whether they reached you. Do you check gmail still then I'll mail there. For whatever that is worth. Will keep in touch and give updates Quad is not meant to be 4 people