Saturday, June 11, 2005

one more post.

Because who, upon having watched Mr. And Mrs. Smith, can afford to turn down the opportunity to comment on it? Especially when one gets the opportunity to quote a member of the audience saying, "Abbe, it's a god film!" The IIT slang, it tickles. (Although I agree with Anuj that 'Judwaa' tickles far more.)

Why do I keep making excuses for Brad Pitt? Is it because he really is a far better actor than he is usually allowed to be, especially when it comes to mining things like his more-than-passable like comic timing? Could it be his perfect, sculpted abdomen? I'm beginning to suspect that it is the latter more than the former, although I honestly thought he did a good job with the deal he got in the Ocean's Eleven franchise.

Anyway, sculpted abdomen.

No, that wasn't it.

MR. AND MRS. SMITH. Right. Ahem. Bad film. No plot, little coherence, lots of loose flab, enjoyed it thoroughly all the same. Very few funny lines, almost all of them Angelina Jolie's (and boy, does she use them well. I take back everything I said against her at the time of Alexander. Actually I don't. She was about as good as a rotten mango in Alexander). The whole extended metaphor, marriage as war, sex and violence, you wonder how it is that it gets so predictable. I mean, honestly, am I living another life in which I know how these things work, or is it just that we've heard the story a million times before? Then: Adam Brody playing a kid in all of three scenes. Whatever, much. A film that looked perfect, had the right combination of a bunch of things - although what it really needed was some snappier dialogue - but that you wanted to shake by the shoulders and hurry up the pace a bit. I remember watching a friend direct Ionesco's The Chairs and how he kept telling his actors to clip up the pace, and how it worked out brilliantly for the shows. I guess it takes talent to have that sort of perspective on your own venture, more so for a long-drawn out project like a film.

And - that's all. The film really doesn't deserve a long or complete review. The abdomen I could talk about for a while longer, though.


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  2. Wasup Sup!

    I got here through some inventive google searching and kaushiks blog.

    not bad! I now return to my own blog with renewed enthu. (if you can do it... ;-) )

    btw you seem to have missed the point of MAMS

    when you have no story
    cast jolie!

    keep blogging!

  3. and in case you cant place me
    This is xaviers physics/math arjun, known better to quiz types as prathamesh' friend

  4. Hey there! Good to see you and all. What's been up these days? Besides a fervour for checking up juniors' blogs. :P Also, pls to not I humbly submit to your opinion, that La Jolie is ALL. :D

  5. LOL. mr. and mrs.smith was one movie i'd have loved to dissect if i'd been blogging at the time. Tch.

    Stupid movie. Period.