Saturday, June 18, 2005

an offer i CAN refuse.

I was going to make a mighty and sentimental post on how this year has changed my life and the landscape of my many loves, but it rained last night, I'm still listening to the thundr of a real Mumbai monsoon, and I'm singing very cheesy words out loud to Brahms' sublime Hungarian Dance no. 5 (die convent school singing class), so I decided to save it for next week.

Life gets surreal in very funny ways sometimes. Someone offered my mother an introduction to a boy of suitable community and credentials, "for me," I presume. The boy's profession? A film actor in Hyderabad.

{ insert shrieking laughter here }

I wish I'd put up my review of Kingdom of Heaven when it came out; I had a bunch of laughs writing it. Today I was thinking of it again, especially this bit where the heroine, who has been speaking perfectly ordinary English all this while, pertly asks newly-migrated Orlando Bloom, "How find you Jerusalem?"

Bloom said something obviously forgettable, but I know that if John Lennon were alive and playing, he'd have said, "Turn left at the Meditteranean."


By the way, if anyone isn't acquainted with History Spork yet, do go check it out. Very geeky history buffs picking apart "epic" films; lots of fun.

And this will be horribly out of context for most people reading this, but mah Lindsey and I just finished writing 21K words for our Crack Novel in the last week. We're feeling a bit kicked at the mo.

current musix: chopin - nocturnal for violin and piano


  1. 21k. We are good. :-"

  2. Kaushik9:35 am

    at the mo? wow, you really going yo homie. hit me back on the track. ouch. rap songs are loads of fun. listening to ice cube, dude!!!

  3. Hyderbadi garu nice very nice now we know why all the google talk was happening hmmm. 2+2=22

  4. o.O

    Sneaky MINX.

    *chases you with butter knife through the sacred halls of Oxford*

  5. @ Kausha: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    YOU are going homie, my friend! Except - it's Vanilla Ice, so you're actually fake homie. :p

  6. Yeah, let's hope Actor-boy's market value is at least as high as Google's. Then I might actually consider him. (or if he's, like, cute.)

  7. Does he have a paunch? Or is that only Tamil and Malayalam actors?

  8. Aishwaryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hello. :)

    And I don't know if he has a paunch r not; I've never seen him. Or any film he's in.

  9. telugu actor? hahahaha... cant stop laughing...